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Legacy Systems Modernization Services Offered:

01 Application Enhancement

Incorporating new programming languages, transitioning applications to cloud infrastructure, shifting from cross-platform to native solutions, and enriching them with distinct functionalities.

02 UI/UX Overhaul

Executing a design audit, developing a fresh UX concept, and establishing a standardized, modern interface through design and prototyping.

03 Digital Asset Migration

Migrating data from outdated systems to contemporary databases, applications, platforms, and data from on-site infrastructure to cloud environments.

04 Business and Technological Advisory

Facilitating the integration and market launch of novel software, optimizing and supporting ongoing operations, and fostering long-term communication and partnerships.

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Idea To Reality

A Stepwise Journey to Effective Modernization: The Unico Method

01 Technical Evaluation

Our experts assess your software's capabilities, examine the business model, and devise an optimal strategy. We then outlined a comprehensive project plan and envisioned architecture incorporating all modifications.

02 New System Concept Approval

We align the modernization plan with the client, understanding current needs and challenges. We detail the enhancements to the digital product, timelines, and cost implications with Unico specialists.

03 Legacy System Upgrade Execution

We analyze system processes to enhance operational efficiency. Technical efforts include code refactoring, cloud data migration, UI redesign, developing new functionalities, rectifying system flaws, and constructing a novel architecture.

04 Software testing

We conduct integration, regression, and acceptance tests, formulate and document test scenarios, and execute testing cycles. This includes analyzing specifications and code, coding and running tests, and providing system improvement recommendations and bug fixes.

05 New Platform Version Launch

Our team deploys and releases the system with upgraded functionalities, architecture, and unique coding. We also offer continued support and optimization for the platform.

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Idea To Reality

Key Benefits

We provide a complete web development cycle to our clients. Bring your idea, and leave with a fully operational application to modernize your business processes.

01 Client-Specific Compliance

Upgrade to the latest code versions and authentication methods, enhancing system performance.

02 Optimal performance and functionality

Leveraging containerization for scalability and ensuring high platform availability. Approximately 87% of IT firms are transitioning to container technologies.

03 Invulnerability to cyberattacks

Broad integration capabilities allow for connecting your application with third-party services to expand its functionality.

04 Full control over the web application

Featuring a modern, competitive UI/UX design to boost user engagement and satisfaction with the software.

05 Cost savings

Safeguard sensitive information through cloud storage transfers and updates.

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Key Benefits


At our foundation, we are dedicated to nurturing successful partnerships. Our collaboration is the cornerstone of achieving remarkable results, underscoring our dedication at every milestone.

Aleksandr Kholin


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