Our Staff Augmentation model empowers you to swiftly onboard the finest professionals for your project, avoiding the hefty expenses and delays often associated with hiring full-time employees. This approach streamlines the hiring process, making scaling and overseeing your augmented team more straightforward.

This model facilitates a comprehensive collaboration scope, including business analytics, UI/UX design, quality assurance, maintenance, and beyond. Our experts are fully integrated into the project workflow, guaranteeing the success and dependability of the end product. A dedicated project manager will also oversee your project, simplifying your oversight responsibilities.

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In web and software development, the essence of success lies in effective teamwork. Regardless of a project's size or intricacy, our commitment is to deliver outstanding results through cooperative development efforts.

01 Streamlined Recruitment Process

Avoid the pitfalls of costly and ineffective hiring processes that postpone your product's market entry. Our pool of IT experts is at your disposal, ready to join your project without delay.

02 Solving the IT Talent Drought

Unico presents elite software developers and engineers, many of whom boast advanced degrees in Mathematics and related disciplines. We supply rigorously selected professionals adept in various technologies, from updating legacy systems to crafting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.

03 Flexible Team Dynamics

Opting for a dedicated team of software developers for project-specific engagements is more practical than onboarding permanent IT staff. Our developers are primed for project-based collaborations, unlike in-house candidates who may seek long-term roles and might need to possess the requisite project management and execution skills.

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Embark on a thriving business journey with us, underpinned by the values of Trust, Profit, and Integrity. Together, we can accomplish extraordinary achievements.

01 Your Exclusive Dedicated Development Team

We offer more than mere talent rental; Integrio's comprehensive expertise supports every professional you engage. Should your developer require assistance with out-of-scope technologies or technical decisions, our team's collective support ensures your project's expedited progression.

02 Effective Management and Seamless Communication

Our local team leaders ensure your direct communication with our developers, keeping you fully informed throughout the process. We're just a call or an email away, welcoming on-site visits and your presence at our offices to enhance our collaborative efforts.

03 Enhanced Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness

Beyond talent leasing, each professional you hire benefits from Unico's extensive knowledge base. Our team's support is ready to assist your dedicated developer with any technological or decision-making challenges, ensuring a swift development pace for your project.

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We address your most pressing questions to offer clarity and simplicity. Explore this section for insights and guidance through our services.

01Advantages of Staffing In-House?

Recruiting in-house saves time, cuts costs, and delivers professional aid.

02Is Hiring a Few Developers Feasible?

Absolutely. Our team extension service allows for integrating one or two developers into your primary team, with the flexibility to adjust the team size as needed. Further details are available upon inquiry.

03Composition of a Development Team?

A dedicated team includes IT professionals with varied skills essential for project success, such as designers, developers, QA analysts, and potentially PMs, BAs, CTOs, or specialists in big data and AI. The choice of team makeup is yours to decide!


our technologies

We employ diverse technologies to craft superior software solutions, enabling us to deliver top-notch software development services to our clients.



C# is Microsoft's versatile language, crucial for Windows, web, and game development. Known for strong object-oriented principles, it enables developers to create scalable, efficient, and maintainable software solutions within the .NET framework. Its seamless integration with Microsoft technologies and support for asynchronous programming make C# a robust choice for a wide range of applications, embodying a modern approach to software development.


Java is a versatile language, ideal for enterprise to mobile app development. Renowned for platform independence, it enables scalable, cross-platform solutions. With emphasis on readability and simplicity, Java is perfect for high-performance, reliable applications, embodying a commitment to universal compatibility in software development.


Laravel, a PHP framework, excels in crafting elegant and efficient web applications. Known for its expressive syntax and developer-friendly features, Laravel streamlines the development process, enabling the creation of robust, scalable, and maintainable web solutions. With built-in tools for tasks like routing, caching, and database management, Laravel empowers developers to build modern, feature-rich applications swiftly and effectively, embodying a progressive approach to web development.


PHP, a server-side scripting language, serves as the backbone for dynamic web development. Renowned for its versatility, PHP seamlessly integrates with HTML, offering a powerful tool for creating interactive and feature-rich websites. With a vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, PHP empowers developers to build scalable and efficient web applications. Its widespread use across the internet landscape underscores PHP's enduring relevance in crafting dynamic and engaging online experiences, embodying a foundational aspect of modern web development.


Python, a versatile and powerful language, is a cornerstone in modern software development. Known for its readability and clean syntax, Python is an ideal choice for projects ranging from web development to data science and artificial intelligence. With a rich ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, Python enables developers to create efficient, scalable, and maintainable solutions. Its popularity and versatility make Python a language of choice for a wide array of applications, embodying a contemporary and inclusive approach to programming.


Node.js transforms server-side JavaScript development with a focus on scalability and high performance. Using an event-driven, non-blocking
I/O model, it excels in handling concurrent connections for real-time applications and APIs. With a vibrant ecosystem, Node.js empowers developers to create lightweight and fast server-side solutions, embodying a modern and unified approach to web development.


.NET, a versatile framework from Microsoft, is a cornerstone in software development. Supporting multiple languages, it provides a unified platform for building scalable and robust applications. Known for seamless integration with Windows and extensive library support, .NET simplifies development tasks and enhances productivity. With a strong emphasis on security and performance, .NET empowers developers to create modern and feature-rich solutions, embodying a comprehensive and innovative approach to application development.


Blazor, part of the .NET ecosystem, empowers developers to create dynamic web apps using C# and WebAssembly. With component-based architecture and real-time updates, Blazor simplifies web development, offering a modern and responsive solution that integrates seamlessly with existing .NET technologies.


Angular JS

AngularJS, a dynamic JavaScript framework, simplifies the development of interactive web applications with declarative syntax and two-way data binding. Its modular architecture enables scalable and maintainable single-page applications, making it a preferred choice for modern web development.

React JS

ReactJS, a dynamic JavaScript library, excels in creating efficient web applications with its component-based architecture and virtual DOM. Unidirectional data flow and JSX syntax enhance readability, making React a powerful tool for interactive and responsive user experiences. Widely adopted, React embodies a modern and efficient approach to 
front-end development.


JavaScript, the backbone of web development, empowers interactive and dynamic user experiences. Its versatility allows for client-side scripting, enabling developers to create responsive and feature-rich websites. With wide browser support and a vibrant ecosystem of frameworks, JavaScript remains essential for building modern, engaging web applications. Its ubiquity and adaptability make JavaScript a fundamental language in the ever-evolving landscape of web development, embodying the core of interactive online experiences.


Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework, excels in building dynamic and user-friendly web interfaces. With its approachable design and flexibility, Vue.js enables developers to create modular and scalable applications effortlessly. The reactivity system and component-based architecture enhance development speed, making Vue.js a powerful choice for crafting modern and responsive web applications. Widely adopted for its simplicity and versatility, Vue.js embodies an elegant and efficient approach to front-end development.


HTML5, the latest evolution of the HTML standard, is a key technology for modern web development. Offering enhanced multimedia support, semantic structure, and improved accessibility, HTML5 empowers developers to create feature-rich and responsive websites. With native support for audio, video, and interactive elements, HTML5 enables the seamless integration of dynamic content.


CSS3, the latest iteration of the Cascading Style Sheets standard, revolutionizes web design with enhanced styling capabilities. Offering features like transitions, animations, and flexible layouts, CSS3 empowers developers to create visually stunning and responsive websites. Its modular approach and improved compatibility contribute to a streamlined and efficient styling process. As an integral part of modern web development, CSS3 embodies the essence of sleek and engaging visual design, elevating the user experience across various platforms.


Bootstrap, a front-end framework, simplifies web development with a mobile-first approach. Pre-designed components and a flexible grid system enable sleek and consistent interfaces. With extensive customization options and cross-browser compatibility, Bootstrap accelerates development for modern and visually appealing websites, embodying efficiency in crafting responsive applications.


Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), a .NET framework, empowers desktop application development. With rich user interfaces and scalable features, WPF enhances the creation of visually appealing Windows applications. Utilizing declarative XAML syntax and multimedia support, WPF enables developers to build immersive and interactive desktop experiences. Its seamless integration with other .NET technologies makes WPF a preferred choice for modern, responsive, and visually engaging desktop applications.

Databases & Cloud


MySQL, a popular relational database management system, is fundamental to modern data storage and retrieval. Renowned for its reliability and scalability, MySQL is a go-to choice for building robust and efficient database-driven applications. With support for SQL and ACID compliance, it ensures data integrity and consistency. Widely adopted in web development, MySQL embodies a trusted and versatile solution for managing and organizing data, contributing to the backbone of dynamic and data-driven applications.


PostgreSQL, an open-source relational database, is pivotal for modern data management. Renowned for extensibility, reliability, and advanced features, PostgreSQL is a robust choice for scalable and high-performance solutions. With support for complex queries, transactions, and diverse data types, it ensures data integrity and flexibility, embodying a sophisticated and reliable approach to data management.


MongoDB, a leading NoSQL database, revolutionizes data storage with its flexible and scalable document-oriented approach. Known for its ease of use and high performance, MongoDB is a preferred choice for building modern and dynamic applications. With support for flexible schemas and horizontal scaling, it empowers developers to work with diverse data types and handle growing datasets seamlessly. Widely adopted for its agility, MongoDB embodies an innovative and efficient solution for managing and organizing data.


SQLite, a lightweight and self-contained relational database, is a versatile solution for embedded systems and mobile applications. Known for its simplicity and minimal setup, SQLite provides efficient data storage and retrieval. With its serverless architecture and wide compatibility, SQLite is an ideal choice for projects with resource constraints. Widely adopted for its ease of integration, SQLite embodies a compact and efficient approach to local data management, making it a reliable option for various applications.


Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, empowers businesses with scalable and flexible solutions. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, Azure facilitates application development, data storage, and deployment. With its global network of data centers and robust security measures, Azure ensures reliability and compliance. Widely adopted for its integration with Microsoft technologies, Azure embodies a cutting-edge approach to cloud computing, enabling organizations to innovate and scale their digital initiatives seamlessly.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access, a versatile desktop database management system, streamlines data organization and reporting. With its user-friendly interface and integration with the Microsoft Office suite, Access empowers users to build customized database solutions. Offering a range of features for data entry, query, and reporting, Microsoft Access is an accessible choice for small to mid-sized projects. Embodying simplicity and functionality, Access provides an efficient solution for managing and analyzing data within the familiar Microsoft ecosystem.


AWS (Amazon Web Services), a leading cloud computing platform, offers scalable and reliable solutions for businesses. With a vast array of services spanning computing, storage, and analytics, AWS provides the infrastructure for diverse digital initiatives. Known for its global reach and robust security features, AWS empowers organizations to innovate and scale efficiently. Widely adopted for its flexibility and breadth of services, AWS embodies a cutting-edge approach to cloud computing, driving digital transformation across industries.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud, a versatile cloud computing platform, empowers businesses with scalable solutions. Offering a diverse set of services, Google Cloud enables efficient application development and deployment. Known for its global infrastructure and data analytics capabilities, it embodies a forward-thinking approach to cloud computing, fostering digital transformation and innovation.



Jira, an agile project management tool, streamlines collaboration and workflow efficiency. With robust features for tracking tasks, managing sprints, and facilitating team communication, Jira is a go-to solution for agile development. Its customizable dashboards and integration with development tools enhance project visibility and coordination. Widely adopted for its flexibility and scalability, Jira embodies an effective approach to project management, supporting teams in delivering high-quality software products.


Trello, a versatile project management tool, simplifies collaboration and organization. With an intuitive card-based interface and customizable boards, Trello enhances team coordination and task tracking. Its simplicity and flexibility make it an ideal solution for a wide range of projects, fostering transparency and efficiency. Widely embraced for its user-friendly design, Trello embodies a streamlined approach to project management, enabling teams to organize and prioritize tasks with ease.


Slack, a powerful team collaboration platform, revolutionizes communication and workflow efficiency. With real-time messaging, channels, and integrations, Slack enhances team collaboration and information sharing. Its user-friendly interface and extensive app ecosystem make it a central hub for teamwork, fostering seamless communication. Widely embraced for its flexibility and adaptability, Slack embodies an innovative approach to team collaboration, supporting productivity and connectivity across organizations.


RoboMongo, now known as Robo 3T, is an intuitive MongoDB GUI that simplifies database management. With features like a visual query builder and integrated shell, Robo 3T enhances the development and administration of MongoDB databases. Its user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility make it a preferred choice for developers working with MongoDB. Widely adopted for its simplicity and efficiency, Robo 3T embodies an effective solution for streamlined MongoDB database management.

Heidi SQL

HeidiSQL, a user-friendly database management tool, simplifies MySQL, MariaDB, and SQL Server administration. With a visual query builder and advanced editing capabilities, HeidiSQL streamlines database development. Its open-source nature and cross-platform compatibility make it a preferred choice for efficient SQL client usage, embodying simplicity and versatility in streamlined database management.


Eclipse, a versatile integrated development environment (IDE), facilitates efficient software development. With support for multiple languages and robust features like code completion and debugging tools, Eclipse enhances the development process. Its extensibility through plugins and cross-platform compatibility make it a popular choice among developers. Widely adopted for its flexibility and community support, Eclipse embodies an effective and versatile approach to software development across various programming languages.


Notion, an all-in-one workspace, revolutionizes collaboration and organization. With features like note-taking, task management, and database capabilities, Notion enhances team coordination and project planning. Its versatile and customizable structure makes it an ideal solution for personal and professional use, fostering seamless collaboration and information sharing. Widely embraced for its flexibility and adaptability, Notion embodies an innovative approach to creating and managing content, supporting productivity across teams and individuals.


Miro, a collaborative online whiteboard platform, transforms visual collaboration and ideation. With real-time collaboration features, templates, and integrations, Miro enhances teamwork and creativity. Its flexible canvas and extensive toolkit make it an ideal solution for brainstorming, planning, and visualizing ideas. Widely adopted for its user-friendly interface and adaptability, Miro embodies an innovative approach to digital collaboration, supporting teams in fostering creativity and achieving visual clarity.



At our foundation, we are dedicated to nurturing successful partnerships. Our collaboration is the cornerstone of achieving remarkable results, underscoring our dedication at every milestone.

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